Camera mount for mountain biking, skiing, kitesurfing

Camera mounts for
almost any sport...

Handsfree 3rdPersonView camera mounts for almost any sport...
Third person camera mount for skateboarding, kiteboarding and snowkiting

Kitesurfing, snowboarding

Handsfree 3rdPersonView camera mounts for almost any sport...
Camera mount for film making, youtube and snorricam shots with DSLR cameras

and YouTubers...

Handsfree 3rdPersonView camera mounts for almost any situation...

Handsfree 3rdPersonView camera mounts for almost any sport...

Our mission at SailVideoSystem is to create high quality camera mounts that can be used in any sport with any sort of camera: action cam or 360video camera.

Below we have made a selection of different sports and on each page you will see examples of what camera mount(s) will work best.

Mountain biking
Motor Sports

Our 3rdPersonView camera mounts are not just for athletes and action sports, they are also great for:

Professional filmmaking


What mount will work best for you...

If you are into kitesurfing you can check out what camera mount will work best for you on the following page...

Best mounts for kitesurfing
3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO3rdPersonView LITE V2 360 cams only3rdPersonView LITE V2 ALL-IN-ONE3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf ALL in ONE set3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf mount for 360cams ONLY


3rdPersonView camera mounts

Have a look at all of our 3rdPersonView camera mounts and accessories.

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Viral kitesurf videos

Shooting videos from a new angle is not always a guarantee for success...

However, everybody loves the kitesurf videos shot with our 3rdPersonView camera mounts and many of them went viral getting millions and millions of views...

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Don't just take our word for it...


Super for magic video

Unique object of its kind super convenient for the creation of
unique videos plus serious and reliable sales service even after sales

Valentino C.

Aug 03, 2022


Top 3 GoPro accessory!

Have been using the 3rd person mount for over 5 years now and it's been a game changer in getting some of the most unique shots ever in my videos! Build quality is incredible and it's held up against plenty of big wipe outs!

Would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to get some incredible shots with their GoPro or 360 camera!

Chris Rogers 

Feb 26, 2021


Awesome mount to get even more awesome footage.

The build quality is from high level. And with high speeds (+200 km/h motorcycle) the footage is still stable. Wearing it for a long time is not a problem since it fits comfortable.


Mar 01, 2021


I just tried the Kite All in One Set: absolutely amazing. Very easy to fix on your harness: very solid camera mount and very safe. Using this mount with the Gopro 360 or any camera 360 is the best option.

The result is triple:
- You enjoy your ride being filmed by your camera
- Your family, friends, ... will enjoy watching your movie-ride like if they
are on board with you !!
- The pole will desappear.

It is a "must have" for all the passionate of kiting, surfing,
skiing, biking, .... and enjoy your ride.


May 04, 2021


Super mount

I love this new shoulder mount because it's light and very confortable, I even don't feel it when I'm riding ! The result is fantastic, the mount is very stable, the footages are clean and nice !

I recommend this new shoulder mount for any sports, it's perfect !

Laurent Guyot 

Feb 26, 2021