Film yourself
in action...

3rdPersonView camera mounts


3rdPersonView body-mounted camera mounts that enable you to create stunning video content of yourself in action, in any sport...
...completely handsfree.


Impossible Shots

There are adventures where you look back and think,"That does not seem possible"...
...How did they shoot that?

Max Versatility

No matter what camera angle you are looking for we have got you covered...

...Are you a professional filmmaker looking for that front-facing snorri-cam shot with high end camera's?
Or a motorcycle YouTuber who needs that over the shoulder shot?
Maybe you are into mind-bending 360 video shot with the invisible camera pole?


360 video with invisible camera pole

The SailVideoSystem 3rd Person View camera mounts can handle any 360 video camera. And when mounted on the straight camera pole the pole becomes invisible...

Best 3rd person mounts for 360 Video


Front-facing Snorricam shots

The 3pvX2 Pro is build to support any kind of camera: Professional (DSLR) cams, compact cams, 360 Video cams and action cams.
From the back or the front with maximum stability.

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Hands-Free footage

The 3rdPersonView camera mounts are strapped around your waist. The camera pole can be set up at any angle,  so you will have your hands free to focus on your sport, and get that impossible shot.

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tested at extreme speeds...

and Stable

For video clips and feature film

action shots.

On land, in the water, and in the air

Used by

What is the best 3rdPersonView mount for you?

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3rdPersonView camera mounts

3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro

Our most stable and versatile camera mount; will work from the front and back and best suited for professional and 360 cameras. This Pro model will also give you max stability with action cams at any speed.

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3rdPersonView LITE360

This 3rdPersonView camera mount is perfect for all compact 360 cameras. The straight pole will disappear from the shot when the camera is connected in line with the straight camera pole...
...Like Magic.

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3rdPersonView LITE

The perfect solution for shooting handsfree action footage of yourself with action cams.
Works best for mounting the camera on your back for over the shoulder '3rd Person View' shots.

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