The ultimate 'invisible' handsfree camera mount

SailVideoSystem 3rdPersonView camera mounts

For professional filmmakers,
For everyone who has a GoPro or 360 video cam,
For almost any action sport,

Who love capturing that impossible 'drone-like' shot...
With handsfree invisible selfie stick or harness mount

The ultimate handsfree body-worn camera mount

Seen by millions, known by few


Well I guess you have found us; The past 10 years we have made it our mission to create worlds best 3rdPersonView camera mounts that will let you film yourself in action, in any sport.

Completely handsfree so you can focus on what you are doing, without having to hold a camera or selfie stick and still get the best shot of yourself in action.

Our 3 most populair camera mounts

Shoulder Mount for GoPro Max...

Small, stable and compact... Because doing sports is just better when you have both hands free! The NEW Shoulder mount.
Camera pole is invisible to all 360 camera's

187,55 Euro all EU countries
155,- Euro rest of the world

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3rdPersonView LITE V2 All-In-One

Our 3rdPersonView LITE V2 camera mount. Best for action cams and 360Video camera's. (black camera poles available) This mount will let you film yourself in any sport.

277,09 Euro all EU countries
229,- Euro Rest of the world

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Kite Windsurf 360 cams only harness mount

Kite Windsurf mount 360 cams only. Possibly the best camera mount to film yourself with your GoPro Max or Insta360 camera, completely handsfree.

240,79 Euro All EU countries
199,- Euro Rest of the world

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Drone like shots

Always wondered how they capture that impossible drone shot with the camera 'flying' close behind the person?
Well now you know: they use our 3rdPersonView camera mount and an action or 360 video camera
(Like Insta360 or GoPro Max)

Which mount for what sport


Inventors of the third-person view camera mount.
We have been creating backpack and kitesurf harness mounts since 2013.

Our body worn camera mounts are being used by filmmakers and many athles worldwide. Our 3rdPersonView mounts will enable you to create stunning video content of yourself in action, with any kind of camera, in any sport... completely handsfree and invisible.

3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO3rdPersonView LITE V2 360 cams only3rdPersonView LITE V2 ALL-IN-ONE3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf ALL in ONE set3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf mount for 360cams ONLY

3rdPersonView Camera mounts

For any sport or activity

Our 3rdPersonView Camera mounts can be worn on any part of the body to capture any sport... Find out what mount will work best for your situation and sport.

Sports Position Body

Best mount for

Best mount for

Best mount for
Mountain biking

Third-person handsfree camera mount for ski and 360 Video

Best mount for Skiing

Third-person camera mount for 360 Video, DSLR and action cams

Best mount for
Film making

Features of the:

The ShoulderMount (for GoPro Max) can be used in almost any sport,
On land, in the snow, and even on water (Kitesurfing) and is best suited for all 360Video camera's.

✅ Waterproof
✅ Strong
✅ Compact
✅ Multiple camera angles
✅ Invisible camera pole
✅ For all 360 cams
✅ Camera pole included (GoPro Max version)

Don't just take our word for it...


The 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO is extremely versatile. I've been using it with my sony a7s ii for over four years now. Not one issue. It's well crafted and comfortable.

I've put the rig on actors and documentary subjects. It's just well made and light. It's punches definitely above it's weight class.

This is the one to get.

I use mine in Brooklyn, NY, USA - if anyone wants to try it out.

Also Thijs's customer support is incredible!!

Ed David

I use this LITE ALL in One V2 Mount for kiteboarding, skateboarding etc, and it's working great!

Footages are looking great, love this mount!

Laurent Guyot

Have been using the 3rd person mount for over 5 years now and it's been a game changer in getting some of the most unique shots ever in my videos! Build quality is incredible and it's held up against plenty of big wipe outs! Would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to get some incredible shots with their GoPro or 360 camera!

Chris Rogers

I have been using the 3rd person view on my harness for a while now. What makes me love the suystem is how sturdy and well built it is, IU can really for it while kitesurfing without being afraid to break something or lose my GoPro. The system is very sturdy and stable and works perfect for the GoPro Max and invisible pole set up... People love watching these videos.

Jeremie Tronet

I love this new shoulder mount because it's light and very confortable, I even don't feel it when I'm riding !

The result is fantastic, the mount is very stable, the footages are clean and nice !

I recommend this new shoulder mount for any sports, it's perfect !

Laurent Guyot

I just tried
the Kite All in One Set: absolutely amazing.

Very easy to fix on your harness: very solid camera mount and very safe.

Using this mount with the Gopro 360 or any camera 360 is the best option.

The result is triple:
- You enjoy your ride being filmed by your camera
- Your family, friends, ... will enjoy watching your movie-ride like if they
are on board with you !!
- The pole will desappear.

It is a "must have" for all the passionate of kiting, surfing,
skiing, biking, .... and enjoy your ride.


May 04, 2021