All 3rdPersonView camera mounts and extra's

On this page you will find an overview of all of our 3rdPersonView camera mounts and possible extras.
The system is unique and can be used in almost any sport to film yourself in action with almost any type of camera.
Most 3rdPersonView camera mounts consist of an elastic velcro belt that goes around your waist and that has a backplate where you connect the camera pole with our unique lock/ release system that can be set up at any angle.

The 3pvX2 PRO version has a wider backplate then the LITE series and gives maximum stability in all sports (and with heavier cameras). This version also comes with stabiliser straps for max stability of the camera pole and has double seatbelts that go over it and hold everything tight around your waist.

The LITE series have the smaller transparent backplate the fits easily in a backpack and can be set up in under a minute. This version has a single seatbelt. 

The LITE V2 is a newer version that also has 2 seatbelts like the 3pvX2 PRO version giving it more stability then the regular LITE version.
Depending on the LITE version you select you will have straight camera poles (for 360 cams) or curved poles (for Action cams).
The ALL in ONE sets have the curved and the straight pole so you can use them with any type of camera.

The KITE / Windsurf ALL in ONE (and KITE / Windsurf backplate only) need to be bolted to a kite or windsurf harness. So these do not have the belts that the PRO and LITE versions have. If you do not want to make holes in your harness (or use a waist harness) then we would advise getting the LITE All in ONE V2 that can be worn half over or under your harness and still give very good stability with any kind of camera.

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