Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360, front, chest, backpack mount
Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360; backpack mount, no camera pole
Third-person Shoulder mount for Insta360, backpack: snowkiting
Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360, backpack mount
3rdPersonView Shoulder Mount for Insta360 (camera pole NOT included)
Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360, backpack mount
Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360 on your chest or front
Third-person Shoulder mount for Insta360, backpack: mountain biking
Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360, backpack mount, straight pole
Third person Shoulder mount for Insta360 360Video, sideways backpack mount

3rdPersonView Shoulder Mount for Insta360 (camera pole NOT included)

The 3rdPersonView Shoulder Mount for INSTA360 is a unique small and lightweight shoulder mount that will let you connect your Insta360 invisible selfie stick and 360 camera. The harness has been designed to be comfortable and stable and will even fit in your jacket pocket when you are not using it.

The harness uses the patented connector that can be set up in multiple angles and rotations and is easily attached or removed from the shoulder plate.

You can quickly screw your Insta360 selfie stick to the 1/4" tread of the connector that will keep it securely in place while you film yourself in action... completely handsfree. (Please note Insta360 selfie stick and camera are not included!)

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Regular price€119.00

Type: 3rdPersonView mount, shoulder mount
Body Position: Shoulder, Chest
Compatible with: 360 camera
Camera pole rotations: 360 degrees in 8 steps
Camera pole angles: 180 degrees in 10 steps

Product Details

Backplate: HDPE width 15 cm
Belts: Shoulder straps, One size fits all
Camera pole: not included
Patented multi-angle connector: with 1/4" male thread to connect (NOT INCLUDED camera pole)

Total Weight: 0,42 kilo
Size when not in use: 15x17x3 cm
Weight Backplate and belts: 0,42 kilo

You can use this camera mount in many sports, on land, in the air, and in water and snow.
This camera mount is best suited for the following sports and situations:
● Youtube
● Travel
● Youtube
● Skateboarding
● Snowboarding
● Mountainbiking
● Skiing
● Adventure

✅ 360 Video cameras Insta360 ONE X2, X3 and others
⛔ Action Cameras (Like GoPro and many others)
⛔ Professional Heavier (DSLR cameras)

✅ Shouldermount HDPE (Black) and adjustable straps (One size fits all)
✅ Patented multi-angle connector with 1/4" male thread

⛔ Camera pole or Insta360 selfie stick
⛔ Camera

Shoulder Mount for Insta360

This new small Shoulder Mount is incredibly stable and can be used in almost any sport.
Designed for maximum freedom of movement and filmic creativity while you film yourself in action with both hands-free, on land, in the snow or even in the air...
This version does not come with a camera pole and is designed for Insta360 users who want to use their Insta360 Selfie stick.

Important information for kitesurfers

If you plan to use the shoulder mount for Kitesurfing with your Insta360 cam; our advise would be to go for the Shoulder Mount for GoPro Max and others.
That version comes with our Aluminium camera pole that is stronger and more secure then the Insta360 Selfie stick...

(But yes you can also use and connect the Insta360 selfie stick for any other sport)

Multi angle connector

The connector can attach to any selfie stick that has 1/4" thread. The connector itself can be set up in any angle or direction and will connect securely to the Shoulder mount in 1 or 2 seconds.

If you do not have a Selfie stick with your 360 camera you also check out our Shoulder Mount for GoPro Max. This version comes with a 45 cm camera pole.

Review video: Which mount should you choose for your kitesurfing shots?

Don't just take our word for it...


Best gear ever

Really handy binding! Much better than bags which hinder your movements and shaking.

My videos became much better!


Sep 23, 2021


Super mount

I love this new shoulder mount because it's light and very confortable, I even don't feel it when I'm riding !

The result is fantastic, the mount is very stable, the footages are clean and
nice !

I recommend this new shoulder mount for any sports, it's perfect !

Laurent Guyot 

Feb 26, 2021


This is UNREAL

I love this mount. I'm a surfer, onewheeler, triathlete and I can use this mount and record great memories from a great point of view very easy.

Thanks for all the great support as well.

Sir. Leo 

Apr 22, 2021


Top 3 GoPro accessory!

Have been using the 3rd person mount for over 5 years now and it's been a game changer in getting some of the most unique shots ever in my videos!

Build quality is incredible and it's held up against plenty of big wipe outs!

Would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to get some incredible shots with their GoPro or 360 camera!

Chris Rogers 

Feb 26, 2021


Revolutionizing action sports film making

It is actually as amazing as it looks/sounds like.

On top of that, the delivery was lighting fast and they even sent me a replacement part within 3 days.

Best customer service you could ask for, 10/10!

You guys are rad!

Rainer Klug 

Feb 04, 2022