Large Ball Head Adaptor


The Large Ball Head Adaptor is developed to support heavier DSLR camera's (up to 2 KG). With this adaptor you can connect any Ball Head on the market, and simply clamp it to the camera pole of the 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO.

We have been working with the Joby SLR-Zoom and the Manfrotto 492 and 494 (Ball Heads NOT included)

The adaptor has a 1/4" and 3/8" male tread. 

This setup is not recommended for action sports, but will enable you to shoot interview shots over the shoulder (while on the move) or even to film yourself from the front; using the 3rdPersonView mount as a Snorricam.

For the best results we advise to use this accessory with the 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro  mount for maximum stability)

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