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For 360Video Producers,

Who love capturing that impossible shot.


We have been making our 3rdPersonView camera mount since the beginning of 2013 when we launched it on Kickstarter. This was a big succes and since then we have just kept improving and developing our body mounted camera mount for all sorts of filmmakers.

Our 3rdPersonView mounts are now being used in Hollywood films (as snorricam) with professional camera's, but also by GoPro, Red Bull, Discovery Channel and many serious action sport lovers with action cams in all sorts of sports (motor sport, surfing, skiing, mountain biking) and many more.

We also make camera mounts that can be used with professional and consumer 360Video camera's that is completely handsfree and is invisible to the camera (creating a completely new perspective.)

The 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro is developed for maximum stability in action-sports, but also works perfect with DSLR cams to capture stable cinematographic snorricam and over the shoulder shots. This is also the camera mount that you will want to capture stable handsfree 360Video for professional use.

NEW the 3rdPersonView Lite ALL IN ONE, a combination of the 3rdPersonView LITE and LITE360. Perfect for any action cam or 360Video cam.
The 3rdPersonView Lite is a compact body worn camera mount to film your self in action, handsfree in any kind of sport with any action camera out there on the market.

The 3rdPersonView Lite 360 is one of our camera mounts that works perfectly with small 360Video camera's (that have good internal stabilisation) like the Insta360 ONE X and GoPro Fusion and MAX.