For 360Video Producers


Shooting 360 Video can be challenging: What 360 camera setup should you use, Can we mount the 360 camera to the body of an actor or athlete? Or should we just use static tripod shots?

Well our 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro will let you mount almost any 360 camera to your subject giving them the freedom to move around and immerse your audience in the action.

"Anyone contemplating mounts for 360 should really pick one of these up. Every single shoot I've been on with GoPro we bring one and we use it every time." Lee Bledsoe - GoPro VR Expert

We are very proud that our 3rdPersonView camera mounts has been used in so many great VR Productions like "Samsung 360 Surf Tahiti" by Rapid VR, "Speed Flying 360" by 360Labs, "GoPro Omni Launchvideo" by GoPro and many other productions.