Mounts for 360Video cams

We have different mounts that are compatible with 360Video cameras. If you have an 360Video camera, you want to use a straight pole with the camera mount. This way the mount becomes invisible, creating a follow-me drone effect.

All our camera mounts are suited for 360Video cams, as you can see in the table bellow. These third-person view camera mounts are best suited for 360Video cameras:

Shoulder mount for Insta360 (no pole or selfie stick included): You can buy this mount if you already have the Insta360 Selfie stick, but we don't recommend this mount if you plan on using it for watersports
Shoulder mount for GoPro Max and others: very verstatile, small and can be used for a variety of activities. It comes with our own black aluminium pole that is durable in all conditions.
LITE V2 360 cams only: a wider waist band that fits snuggly around your waist, creating an other 3rdPersonView perspective.
Kite Windsurf 360 cams only: the best option if you plan on using the mount only on your harness for windsurfing or kitesurfing.

If you plan on also using the camera mount for a regular action cam, we suggest you choose the LITE V2 All-in-One or Kite Windsurf All-in-One.