Best for 360Video

These are the products we advise for 360 Video Professionals, who want maximum stability on body mounted 360 shots.

The 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO: this 3rdPersonView Camera mount has the new wider backplate that wraps more around the body. It comes with stabiliser straps that support the camera pole ensuring maximum stability and making it better suited as a Snorricam. (The 3pvX2 PRO comes with a set of curved and straight camera poles. The straight camera pole has a 1/4" male tread that will let you connect most 360Video camera's).

NEW the 3rdPersonView Lite ALL IN ONE, a combination of the 3rdPersonView LITE and LITE360. Perfect for any action cam or 360Video cam.

The 3rdPersonView LITE 360: this camera mount will work well with small 360Video cams that have good internal stabilisation. The set comes with straight camera poles with 1/4" male tread.

The Straight Camera Pole for 360Video (this camera pole has a 1/4" and 3/8" male thread that will let you connect High End 360 Camera rigs, like GoPro OMNI, Freedom360 and Freedom Explorer mounts)