'Thailand: Find your Journey' a 360Video case-study by Perception2

'Thailand: Find your Journey' a 360Video case-study by Perception2

'Thailand: Find your Journey' a 360Video case-study by Perception2

"In the summer of 2016 Perception Squared (Alex Meader and Connor Hair) teamed up with New York based agency Curate Directive to create a VR campaign for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The goal of the campaign was to create a virtual reality experience that would transport users across the incredible and diverse landscape of Thailand. This campaign would end up being one of our most ambitious projects and one of the most incredible adventures our team has ever taken...

3rd Person Sail Video Rig

We wanted to capture the perspective of our traveler in this piece but doing straight POV shots has a lot of inherent problems in 360. Using a 3rd person body rig from Sail Video Systems was the perfect solution. This allowed us to get a 3rd person perspective on our main character. It also gave us semi stable footage that allowed for easy rig painting. We were also able to do a montage of matching camera angles near the end of the film that adds some nice stylistic flare to the piece during its climax. The system was very stable and was a perfect pairing with the small and light Entaniya camera rig. We did additional stabilization to these shots with SynthEyes in post..."

The text above is just a small part of the case study writen by Perception Squared. To read the full article and see what 360 camera's where used and how the editing was done please visit their website

We where very happy that we could help Alex and Connor out with our 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 mount that was still in prototype phase at the time.

'Thailand: Find your Journey' by Perception2


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