No Film School 'The Irrational fear of Nothing' Behind The Scenes

No Film School 'The Irrational fear of Nothing' Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes of: 'The Irrational Fear of Nothing'

 Early 2016 Olympus contacted a couple of filmmakers to shoot their 'Point of View' campaign with the new Olympus OMD EM5 II. Director Paul Trillo and DP Ed David decided to go for the look and feel of a 'Snorricam' (a camera mount that is attached to the body of the actor and that follows them with every move) as previously seen in 'Requiem for a Dream'.

For this shoot Trillo and David decided to go with our SailVideoSystem 3rdPersonView Camera Mount as it would give them the maximum amount of flexibility in setting up the shot...

In the video below you can see the Behind the Scenes of how the 'Irrational Fear of Nothing' was shot.

The story behind the 'Irrational Fear of Nothing' was featured on the website of early 2016.

To see the final film as shot by Paul Trillo please have a look at the video below, and to read the full article by NoFilmSchool please follow this link.

The 3rdPersonView camera mount used in this production was the old 3rdPersonView Pro in combination with the Large ball head connector.

However since the production of this video we have launched the 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 that is a lot more stable as a snorie cam an would be better suited for these kind of productions.


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