How to attach your Harness Mount and more tips by GetHighwithMike

How to attach your Harness Mount and more tips by GetHighwithMike

Have you wondered how they shoot these awesome kitesurf videos you see on your social media where it looks like a drone is following you while flying through the air and doing the sickest tricks? You now probably know it's the SailVideoSystem 3rdPersonView camera mount. But do you also know how to attach this camera mount to your harness and get these amazing 360 kitesurf videos? Mike does! 

Okay, so you are thinking of buying a 3rdPersonView camera mount for your 360 camera to share your kitesurf videos online, but don't know where to start? Luckily there is Mike, one of the best kitesurf coaches out there and a fanatic 3rdPersonView camera mount user!

Michael Mac Donald, also known as GetHighwithMike on Instagram and YouTube, share his passion for kitesurfing with many people on social media.

In this video 'How to get the best 360 kitesurf videos' Mike explains how to mount the Kite/Windsurf Harness Mount on your harness and use your 360 camera the best possible way. Check it out!

Make sure to follow @gethighwithmike.kite on Instagram and YouTube for awesome kitesurf content and more tutorials! 

Mounting the backplate: link

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