SVS Feiyutech G3/G4 Clamp


The Feiyutech G3 and G4 are great gimbals to stabilise your GoPro footage, but how do you mount them to your helmet or car?
The new SailVideoSystem Feiyutech G3/G4 Clamp will make this a lot easier. 
This is a special clamp that will click in any GoPro flat or curved adhesive mount (NOT INCLUDED) or the new GoPro Suction Cup (NOT INCLUDED).
Then slide Feiyutech Gimbal (G3 or G4) in the clamp and lock it shut. (Feiyutech Gimbal NOT INCLUDED)

PLEASE NOTE: the Feiyutech G5 has a bit wider handle then the previous models, so unfortunately our Clamp will not work with the Feiyutech G5)

This setup will let you shoot great stabilised footage and give you a lot of new mounting option for the Feiyutech Gimbal. (See video with test footage below)

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