Straight Camera Pole - Riser (3/8" and 3/8" female tread)


When shooting 360Video it can be very useful to have a straight pole connecting to the 360 camera; as this will automatically hide the camera pole in the stitched video (or photo)

This new 'Straight Camera Pole' has 3/8" female tread on each end and comes with 2x 3/8" 1" long inserts. (The pole is 40cm long)

The Aluminium end parts are precision CNC milled and are permanently fixed in the pole.

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When we were making the new aluminium insert for our new  straight camera pole for 360Video we came up with the idea of making a camera pole with 3/8" female end parts, this way they could also be used as a riser on normal tripods and other camera rigging setups.
With the included 3/8" inserts you can also join multiple poles together creating a very long monopod.
This pole can also be used in combination with our straight pole for 360Video or the new spigot adaptor (1/4" 3/8" male).