NEW! Straight Camera Pole For 360Video


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When shooting 360Video it can be very useful to have a straight pole connecting to the 360 camera; this will make it easier to hide the camera pole in the stitch (especially with 6 camera solutions)

This new 'Straight Camera Pole' has a 1/4" and 3/8" male tread, making it easier to connect directly to your 360 camera rig (GoPro Omni, Hero360, Freedom360). And for extra security it also has a safety leach that can be used if desired.

PLEASE NOTE: When shooting 360 Video please use the 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 PRO



The new Straight Camera Pole is a must have for 360Video Professionals, and a nice to have for DSLR Filmmakers. The straight pole has a 1/4" and 3/8" tread that will let you connect most available 360 camera rigs on the market, and the great thing is that with multiple camera rigs the pole will be hidden in the stitch due to camera overlap. DSLR filmmakers will like that the straight pole can slide further in the first pole that connects to the Backplate; allowing them to have even more control over positioning the camera (in front or in the back)