3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf PRO


The 3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf PRO is designed for Kite and Windsurfers that want to film themselves in action while on the water or in the air. 

The Kite/Windsurf PRO set consists of 4 parts:

  • A flat clear technical polyester backplate that needs to be mounted to your Kite/Windsurf (waist) harness. (PLEASE NOTE: you will need to make 4 holes in your harness, but all tools and bolts are included in the package)
  • A set of black anodised camera poles (1 straight and 1 with 40 degree angle, so that you can set the camera at any angle)
  • A set of stabiliser straps that connect between the backplate and camera pole, keeping it steady, and also functioning as a leash when things go seriously wrong.
  • Mini Ball head is included: connect any camera with 1/4" tread and set the angle of camera in just seconds. (PLEASE NOTE: GoPro users need a GoPro tripod mount to connect the GoPro to the 1/4" thread of the Mini Ball Head)

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The 3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf Pro was developed because as active kite-surfers ourselves, we wanted to shoot great pictures and video with ourselves in the picture, and not just the head or chest mounted point of view. the Kite/Windsurf Pro has been used by professionals all over the world and has survived 40+ Knots of wind and epic jumps and crashes.

For filming or action photography, the 3rdPersonView Kite/Windsurf Pro is ready for any conditions you might encounter, taking your action footage to new 'Heights'!

  • Clear Technical Polyester Backplate
  • Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts
  • Black Anodised Aluminium Camera Poles
  • Patented Multi Angle Camera Pole Connector
  • Stabiliser Straps (Included)
  • Aluminium Mini Ball Head 1/4" Tread (Included)
  • Made in Holland


    • WORKS WITH MOST KITE SURF HARNESSES : the mounts fits skinny surfers as well as burly skiers wearing thick jackets thanks to the overlapping velcro straps on the waist belt.

      FULLY ADJUSTABLE: shoot over your shoulder, from the side of you by rotating the camera pole (eight positions) and angling it closer to or further away from your body.

      WATER- AND SNOW-PROOF: high grade materials and construction mean you can use your 3rdPersonView camera mount in cold, wet conditions - even in salt water - without compromising performance.

      MOUNT MULTIPLE CAMERAS: if your action-cam has a clamp for a 25mm pole, you can connect it. If your action-cam has a quarter-inch female screw connection, you can mount it using our Mini Ball Head. If you've got a GoPro, you'll need to use a 'GoPro tripod mount' and the Mini Ball Head.

      QUICK SETUP: you can put on the mount in under a minute, and the Mini Ball Head makes setting up the shot the work of a moment. 

      COMPACT: when you're not using your 3rdPersonView camera mount, it is easy to take of the camera pole and just keep on surfing.