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We love film, action sports and cinematography.
We love capturing that impossible shot.

We love innovating and creating new camera mounts and products, that is why we developed our 3rdPersonView camera mounts. These body mounted camera mounts will allow you to film yourself in action handsfree with any sort of camera, but these mounts are not just for action cams: 
The 3pvX2 Pro will also work with DSLR cams to capture stable cinematographic snorricam shots, and is also great when working with heavier 360Video camera's.
The 3rdPersonView Lite is still the best camera mount to film your self handsfree in any kind of sport with any action camera out there on the market.

We are SailVideoSystem; a small company based in the Netherlands, with 25 years of experience in commercial film production. 
(Fun Fact: You might not know our name, but you will have seen many great video's online that have used our 3rdPersonView camera mounts: with over 500.000.000 views on Youtube alone, with Clients like: GoPro, Red Bull, Discovery Channel, BBC, CBS News and even Lucas Films)

Thijs Vrij / CEO and founder of SailVideoSystem.com