3rdPersonView LITE 360


360Video is great fun, especially now with all the new 360 camera's that are becoming available. Many of these 360 camera's have great internal stabilisation: Garmin Virb360, GoPro Fusion, Insta360one, Xiaomi Mijia SPHERE

That is why we have made a new version camera mount: the 3rdPersonView Lite 360. This camera mount bas the same backplate and belt as the original LITE version, but comes with straight camera poles, with 1/4" connector at the end, so you can mount the cam directly to the pole.
The great thing about these straight camera poles is that they are completely invisible to the camera, so it will look like the camera is floating in the air.
The mount is light weight and easy to set up, and can be used on land in the water and in the air.

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The 3rdPersonView LITE 360 is a completely new type of camera mount. This lightweight handsfree 'selfie-stick' features our unique elastic waist belt and curved transparent backplate that is waterproof and will fit anyone, the 2 part silver camera pole can be set up at any angle to capture amazing shots. The LITE 360 is suited for the smaller 360 Video camera's, for heavier 360Camera's please check out the 3pvX2 Pro mount.

For filming or 360 action photography, the 3rdPersonView LITE 360 is ready for any conditions you might encounter.

  • Elastic washable waist-belt
  • Clear anatomically shaped backplate
  • Anodised Aluminium camera poles
  • Patented multi angle camera pole connector
  • Waterproof YKK® clamps
  • Made in The Netherlands


    • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: the mounts fits skinny surfers as well as burly skiers wearing thick jackets thanks to the overlapping velcro straps on the waist belt.

      FULLY ADJUSTABLE: shoot over your shoulder, from the side or from in front of you by rotating the camera pole (eight positions) and angling it closer to or further away from your body.

      WATER- AND SNOW-PROOF: high grade materials and construction mean you can use your 3rdPersonView LITE 360 camera mount in cold, wet conditions - even in salt water - without compromising performance.

      MOUNT 360VIDEO CAMERAS: The straight camera pole has a 1/4" tread at the end so you can mount your 360Camera directly to the camera pole. And if you want to use an action cam then just use the supplied mini ball head and connect your cam.

      QUICK SETUP: you can put on the mount in under a minute, and the Mini Ball Head makes setting up the shot the work of a moment. And the removable camera pole will also work as a handheld selfiestick.

      COMPACT: when you're not using your 3rdPersonView LITE 360 camera mount, it is easy to take apart and store it in your backpack.