NEW! Stabiliser straps (Upgrade)


This upgrade is free for current users of the 3rdPersonView Pro and 3pvX2 Pro

We are always working on our products to make them better.
This also goes for the stabiliser straps that are used to support the camera pole (Pro Models only).

This new upgrade consists of a stainless steel ring with longer straps that simply slides over the top pole before connecting it to the bottom pole. Then connect the clamps to the straps that are connected to the backplate (existing Pro users already have these straps) and tighten the straps.

For existing users of the 3rdPersonView PRO and 3pvX2 Pro we offer this upgrade for free.

New customers who are buying the 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro do not need to buy this upgrade, as it is now part of the new 3pvX2 Pro mount! 


This new upgrade for the stabiliser straps will make setting up your shot even easier and create more stability when filming with DSLR or heavier 360 Video cameras. It will replace the older plastic clamp that had to go around the bottom pole.

Below are the instructions on how to set up the stabiliser straps.