NEW! 3pvX2 Backplate (Upgrade)


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After 9 months of prototyping and developing we are very happy to introduce the new 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro. This camera mount has been developed with the serious 360Video and DSLR filmmaker in mind; it is extremely stable and works better as a 'Snorri-cam' (mounting the camera in front of a person facing them).

For existing users of the 3rdPersonView PRO we of offer the 3pvX2 Backplate (as an upgrade set), as you will need the components of the 3rdPersonView Pro camera mount.

New customers who are buying the 3rdPersonView 3pvX2 Pro do not need to buy this upgrade, as it is part of the new 3pvX2 Pro mount!

Over the past couple of months the 3pvX2 Pro has been tested all over the world by 360 professionals (who really like it!) and one of the prototype 3pvX2 mounts was even used in the launch video by GoPro for the 'GoPro Omni' attached to a skier doing a 'inverted cork backflip' (or something like that).

The 3pvX2 Pro mount has also been used by motorsport filmmakers (Red Bull Knockout 360 beach race) and is currently in use in Hollywood Film productions.


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The 3pvX2 Pro Backplate has a completely different form then the 3rdPersonView Pro: it is made out of black High Density Polyethylene that is very tough but pliable. The shape is designed so that it will form tightly around your waist (back or front) with the belts of the 3rdPersonView Pro. The 3pvX2 backplate is a lot wider then the clear backplate of the 3rdPersonView Pro and it will wrap more around your body then the pre-curved clear backplate. The flat form will also work better when using the mount as a Snorri-cam (with the camera facing the user). 

The 3pvX2 Pro Backplate is a big step forward in creating the perfect body-worn camera mount for 360Video DSLR and Action Sports Filming. It might be a bit less comfortable then the clear backplate but the wide shape that wraps around the body gives a lot more stability.

  • Made from black High Density polyethylene
  • Precision CNC cut to create the right amount of 'flex'
  • Better suited for 360Video and VR
  • All weather proof
  • Lower camera connector
  • New tighter camera pole connector
  • Works with all components of 3rdPersonView PRO
  • Made in the Netherlands


  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: the 3pvX2 backplate will form around your body as you tighten the Velcro Flaps and (non flexible) Seat belts. Make sure the Seat Belts are very tight when filming.

    WATER- AND SNOW-PROOF: high grade materials and construction mean you can use your 3rdPersonView camera mount in cold, wet conditions - even in salt water - without compromising performance.

    USE PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS: the stable 3pvX2 backplate will make it easier to use heavier camera's like DSLR and 360Video rigs due to the extra stability and support. Please also check the (optional Straight Camera Pole for 360 Video.)

    QUICK SETUP: before you can use the 3pvX2 backplate, you will need to transfer the Velcro Belt and Seat-Belts from your current 3rdPersonView Pro mount. This can be done in 1 minute.

    TRANSPORT: the flat form factor of the 3pvX2 backplate will take even less space in your backpack then the 3rdPersonView Pro, making it easier for travel.