November 20, 2017

Free upgrade for stabiliser straps available

As most of you, that follow us on Facebook, know we are always working on how we can make our 3rdPersonView camera mounts better or more functional.

I am very happy to say that we now came up with a solution that will make the camera pole even more stable then the old version of the stabiliser straps.
The old version used a transparent Pet-G clamp that clamped around the bottom pole to hold the top part of the stabiliser straps in place, we never really liked this solution as it is prone to breakage and can still slide down the pole.

So we came up with a new idea that works really well, is more stable and a lot easier to set up. This new strap has a stainless steel ring with the top straps looped trough it. To set it up just slide the ring with the strap over the top pole before connecting it to the bottom pole. This way the straps are always in the right place and will never slide down.

This setup will also allow you to use our mount with heavier (360Video) and DSLR camera's

And if you want to shoot without the straps it is super easy to take them of.


This upgrade is FREE for all current 3rdPersonView PRO and 3pvX2 PRO clients.
To get yours there are 2 options:

  • Add it to your next order (if you plan to get the new straight pole for 360Video or the new straight camera pole Riser with 3/8" tread) and we will include the upgrade with your order.
  • Join our Facebook Community : SailVideoSystem 3rdPerson Camera Mount Community  and share a project / Video that you have worked on using one of our camera mounts. That way new and current users can get a better idea of how you can use our camera mounts.
    After you have posted a link or video please contact us by email with your old order number and your full address and we will send you the upgrade for Free (NO SHIPPING COSTS)

In this new open Facebook community we will also be sharing video's with tips on how to best use our products, and share updates on new products.

It would be very cool to see your work there as well!
Thank you,

Below are the instructions on how to set up the new Stabiliser Straps


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